An international business keen on establishing a business presence in Australia would be wise to consider Sydney – as Australia’s capital city Sydney offers an unparalleled base from which to launch your Australian business operations.

Indeed, Sydney’s CBD is Australia’s main financial and economic centre, as well as a leading hub of economic activity for the Asia-Pacific region, employing approximately 13% of the Sydney region’s workforce.

However, does your business actually need to be in the CBD, or are there other lower-cost options that might be closer to your intended customer base? We can help you decide on the best place to set up your business in Sydney, and can advise on the lowest-cost way of acquiring new customers and clients in the Sydney region.

Since 2008 we have helped many companies start their business operations in Sydney, and we also arrange for introductions to local Australian companies that would be interested in meeting to discuss potentially doing business with our clients.

Get in touch with us today to find out exactly how we can help you get your business operations off the ground in Sydney, and let us explain the most straightforward way to get your business set up in Sydney based on your unique commercial requirements.