If your company is looking at serving the Russian market, having some kind of presence in Moscow is a must. But do you really need to set up your own office? Or are there easier ways to do more business in Moscow?

We have helped a number of international – and even Russian – companies increase the amount of business they are doing in Moscow, and our combination of market knowledge and practical experience is invaluable for companies that are looking to make their products, services and technologies more widely available in the Russian market.

With Moscow’s long-awaited Moscow International Business Center (a.k.a. “Moscow City”) – which features four of the five tallest buildings in Europe – half vacant, does this mean that there are good deals on offer for companies seeking to set up there? Or does it make it even clearer that there are other more cost-effective options available in Moscow for international businesses with an interest in serving the Russian market?

Where is the best location in Moscow if you are an international technology company? What about if you are looking to supply consumer goods to Russian retailers? How about if you are a startup software company and have longer-term plans to break into the Russian market?

Contact us today to find out how we can help you choose the right market entry model for your business in order to minimize risk and maximise business opportunity.

Population 143.8 million 2014
GDP $1.8 trillion 2014
GDP growth 0.6% 2014
Inflation 7.8% 2014