As a major hub for global business, London is an ideal place in which to establish a representative office, sales office, or distribution hub for companies seeking to serve the UK and European markets. With strong transport links to the rest of the UK and excellent travel links to the rest of Europe, London offers companies an opportunity to be present in one of the world’s most important business locations.

The three key questions for companies who would like to open an office in London are:

Cost – do we really need to be in Central London, or are there other locations from which we can leverage the benefits of being in the London area but without all of the associated costs?

Location – if we are going to open an office in London, where should we be? Is it more important to be close to Heathrow, or would we be better off in the City? Or are there locations outside the M25 which could potentially better suit our needs?

Leadership – do we need to send someone over to the UK to lead our operations, or are there other ways of accessing the UK market through strategic partnerships? Are we looking to establish our own wholly-owned infrastructure in London, or do we really only want to identify customers?

Perhaps the most interesting question, though, is this – are there companies in the UK that want to work with you but do not actually require you to have a physical presence there?

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GDP $2.9 trillion 2014
GDP growth 2.6% 2014
Inflation 1.5% 2014