As the capital and largest city in Indonesia, setting up business operations in Jakarta is usually a high consideration for anyone looking to establish a customer base in the Indonesia market.

Doing business in Jakarta is not without its challenges, but if the right partnerships are established right from the very beginning – i.e. with partners have a vested interest in your success – then these can be navigated in just the same was as in any other major international market.

The key question, though, is where should you set up? Given Jakarta’s infamous traffic should you be based in Minting or Kuningan, or would it make more sense to be closer to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (SHIA), for example out in Tangerang?

Whatever your business requirements we can help you make an informed choice – and we even offer programs to find your customers first so that you can then decide where to base your Jakarta business operations. Many companies find this to be the most efficient way of deciding exactly where they should be and what kind of local presence their ideal customer base in Jakarta expects them to have.

Every year we help a large number of international companies establish their first fully direct business relationships with companies in Jakarta – if you are interested in establishing your business there then contact us today to find out how!

Population 252.8 million 2014
GDP $888.5 billion 2014
GDP growth 5.0% 2014
Inflation 6.4% 2014